False Emergency TV Alert Leads to Ebola, ISIS Fears

Courtesy of ABC
Ebola victims

AT&T U-verse customers in certain states got quite a shock

This is not the way TV viewers wanted to start their mornings. 

AT&T U-verse customers in several states received a federal emergency alert early Friday across the tops of their TV screens. However, the alert was a false alarm, as no emergency was underway. 

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The alert was seen by TV viewers in Atlanta, Ga.; Dallas and Austin, Texas; and areas of Michigan, according to Fox 5. The message read: "This is an Emergency Alert Notification. Your channel has been force-tuned to receive the Emergency Alert Notification."

This comes at a time of heightened fears amid the spread of Ebola and threats from ISIS.

Fox 5 reports that AT&T has apologized for the glitch and is investigating the issue, with the company stating that the alert can only be activated by the federal government.

In a statement, FEMA criticized the inappropriateness of the false alert.