FameTown Lets Facebook Users Play Aspiring Actors

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner's Tornante is investor in creator

NEW YORK - Former Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner is looking to add some Hollywood appeal to Facebook social games.

The New York Times reported Monday that start-up Diversion, in which Eisner's investment firm Tornante Co. is an investor, will release FameTown, modeled after such popular games as Farmville and Mafia Wars. Users will play virtual aspiring actors trying to make it in Hollywood to become A-list.

The game launches Nov. 1 and looks to make money via the sale of virtual goods just like other social games online.

"We think there is an exciting business here," Eisner told the Times.

The project came to him via Napster founder Shawn Fanning, an adviser and shareholder of Diversion, the paper said.

Disney recently also announced a major push into social gaming with the acquisition of Playdom