Familiar bow for 'Changeling'

Clint Eastwood pic will open Oct. 24

Borrowing a page from the successful 2003 release of "Mystic River," Universal will debut Clint Eastwood's latest movie, "Changeling," in limited release Oct. 24, followed by a wide expansion a week later on Oct. 31.

A similar fall release pattern -- allowing for reviews and word-of-mouth to pave the way for a broader rollout -- was utilized by Warners for "Mystic," which, like "Changeling," premiered at the Festival de Cannes.

"Mystic" opened Oct. 8, 2003, and played just 13 theaters its first weekend before expanding to 1,467 during its second weekend. Buoyed by six Oscar noms and two wins, it went on to gross $90.1 million domestically.

"Changeling," a Universal/Imagine production that Eastwood directed from a script by J. Michael Straczynski, also bowed to positive notices at Cannes. It stars Angelina Jolie in the true story of a single mom in 1920s Los Angeles whose son goes missing; when the police return her son to her, she insists they've found the wrong boy, and her case becomes a cause celebre.