Familiar faces led the 2007 boxoffice pack


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Hollywood doesn't like to be taken by surprise -- unless the surprise is a hit movie that performs way above initial expectations, such as last year's "300" or "Superbad." Otherwise, it prefers an orderly rollout of preordained hits, and 2007 didn't disappoint on that score: The expected sequels dominated the top of the year's boxoffice chart.

Sony's "Spider-Man 3," which kicked off the summer popcorn season when it opened in early May, went on to set the standard for the year as it scored an opening-weekend record of $151.1 million on its way to a domestic gross of $336.5 million. A sequel-heavy May also produced DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek the Third," which eventually hit $321 million, and Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," which dug up $309.4 million.

True, none of those films crested $400 million -- like the first "Spider-Man" and the second "Shrek" and "Pirates" -- which some attributed to sequel fatigue, while others pointed to how closely each of the mega-movies followed one another.

But no one was truly complaining because all three films were predictably dominant, both domestically and internationally. In fact, the only nonsequel that muscled its way into the year's top six was the DreamWorks/Paramount co-production "Transformers," Michael Bay's action extravaganza based on a toy line, which resulted in boxoffice fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend.

All in all, 27 movies topped the $100 million mark in 2007, easily surpassing the 18 movies that climbed to that height in 2006.   

ReleaseDistributorTotal B.O.
($ mil)
1st Wknd.
($ mil)
1. Spider-Man 3Sony$336.5$151.1
2. Shrek the ThirdParamount/DreamWorks321.0121.6
3. TransformersDreamWorks/Paramount319.170.5
4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndDisney309.4139.8
5. Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixWarner Bros.292.077.1
6. The Bourne UltimatumUniversal227.569.3
7. 300Warner Bros.210.670.9
8. RatatouilleDisney206.447.0
9. I Am LegendWarner Bros.206.177.2
10. The Simpsons MovieFox183.174.0
11. Wild HogsDisney168.339.7
12. Alvin and the ChipmunksFox153.644.3
13. Knocked UpUniversal148.830.7
14. National Treasure: Book of SecretsDisney142.965.4
15. Rush Hour 3New Line140.149.1
16. Live Free or Die HardFox134.533.4
17. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferFox131.958.1
18. American GangsterUniversal129.243.6
19. Bee MovieParamount/DreamWorks Ani124.538.0
20. SuperbadSony121.533.1
21. Chuck & LarryUniversal120.034.2
22. HairsprayNew Line118.927.5
23. Blades of GloryDreamWorks/Paramount118.233.0
24. Ocean's ThirteenWarner Bros.117.236.1
25. Ghost RiderSony115.852.0