'Family Guy' Mobile Game Imagines Show's Cancellation (Video)

"Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff"

"Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff" was released April 10 for Apple and Android devices.

What if Fox canceled Family Guy again? 

That's the question posed at the beginning of the new mobile game from Fox Digital Entertainment and TinyCo, released April 10 for Apple and Android devices.  

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff starts with a short animated video that tells the story of what happens to the Griffin family following the show's cancelation. When the president of Fox is revealed to be Ernie the Giant Chicken, Peter Griffin engages him in a fight that leads to the destruction of Quahog. Players are asked to help the Family Guy characters rebuild their town. 

"We're excited to deliver a game that brings the spontaneity and eccentricity of the show to the mobile gameplay experience for the first time," said Rick Phillips, svp of Fox Digital Entertainment. "TinyCo successfully marries the world of Family Guy, its infamous cutaways, lampooning of current events, and irreverent humor with entertaining game mechanics.”

The game is free-to-play, but makes its money through in-app purchases for digital goods that speed up or customize the game. 

San Francisco game developer TinyCo worked with Family Guy writers and voice talent to develop new content and reference the show's more than 200 episode catalog, even poking fun at Fox's decision to cancel the show in 2003. It returned in 2005 after a two-year hiatus. 

"We've had an absolute blast bringing The Quest for Stuff to life," said Andrew Green, head of business development and business operations at TinyCo. "Working with an IP like Family Guy wasn't a responsibility we took lightly, and thanks to fantastic collaboration with Fox we're delivering a game that both fans and newcomers will love."

Watch the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff intro video here: