Family Members of Missing Malaysian Flight Passengers Dragged Screaming From Press Conference (Video)

AP Images
A woman screams as she's dragged out of Wednesday's press conference about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

UPDATED: Emotions boiled over as the investigation into what happened to the plane reached its 12th day.

As family members of missing passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continue to search for answers, a few women created a scene as they were forcibly removed from a press conference by police and officials in Kuala Lumpur.

At least two crying women, relatives of the passengers, entered a briefing room at the Sama Sama Hotel shortly before a Wednesday morning press conference and unfurled a protest banner, which featured Chinese characters, according to NBC News.

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After shouting at Malaysian officials about the delayed search for their loved ones and demanding "the truth," ABC News reported, the women were dragged away screaming by police and officials, an image that was captured on video by the many journalists in attendance.

The video shows one of the women screaming as she's dragged out, saying, "I want my son back," according to reports by NBC News and CNN.

The screaming woman identified herself as the mother of Li Le, a 26-year-old Chinese national aboard the missing plane, CNN reported.

Another woman, wearing a blue shirt, white baseball cap, sunglasses and face mask demanded more information from the Malaysian government, saying she and the other family members waiting aren't satisfied with "the Malaysian government's inaction," CNN reported.

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"What we need is to know the truth, to know where the plane is," she shouted, according to CNN. "We have had enough. Malaysian government are liars."

Emotions are running high as the investigation into what happened to the plane has reached its 12th day with little progress and few answers. Daily news conferences have been held for family members of the 227 passengers with escalating tensions leading relatives to throw water bottles at officials on at least one occasion, according to ABC News.

Watch video of the incident captured by NBC below.