'Family' to stir Palin with return of 'DS Girl'

Seth MacFarlane tells Comic-Con character will likely return

"Family Guy" will likely bring back a character that made headlines for angering Sarah Palin.

Creator Seth MacFarlane told Comic-Con audiences that "Down Syndrome Girl" would likely make a return to the show and even sang the character's theme song live to the San Diego crowd.

"My guess is that at some point we will [bring her back]," MacFarlane said, "despite all the Palin business."

Added writer Mark Hentemann: "I wrote that episode; This season I decided I'd even things out and write something that would offend smart people."

The team also declared the show's upcoming spoof of "Return of the Jedi" would be the show's last full-episode "Star Wars" parody, a venture that's generated healthy DVD sales for 20th Century Fox TV. In addition to increasing the creative team's workload, the more recent prequels, MacFarlane explained, would be "too expensive" to recreate.

The problem is, we try to be as faithful as possible to the look of those movies; to do that with the prequels, I don't think TV budgets have reached that level yet," MacFarlane said.

Added Alex Borstein, who plays Lois: "That, and they sucked."

MacFarlane also ruled out doing more big-franchise movie spoofs, except, possibly, Indiana Jones.

"We may tackle Indiana Jones," he said. "There's no one quite like LucasFilm for allowing us to do what we do."
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