'The Family' Trailer: Robert De Niro Plays Retired Gangster in Hiding (Video)

Michelle Pfeiffer and Dianna Agron also star in the dark comedy about a family in witness protection.

Robert De Niro’s The Family trailer asks an intriguing question: What happens to a mobster when it’s time to retire? As the film's first trailer shows, sometimes witness protection is the safest option.

The film stars De Niro as a made man whose family has trouble fitting into the crime-free life. His wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) blows up a store after being insulted there. His son (John D'Leo) runs a minor criminal ring from school, and his daughter (Dianna Agron) beats up a would-be suitor.

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There’s a definite dark-comedy element to the trailer, with the family’s handler (Tommy Lee Jones) reminding them that the mob would slaughter them all if their location is discovered.

Relativity’s The Family, from director Luc Besson, is slated for a Sept. 20 release.