"Famous" at the Forum: The Best Street Style Looks From Kanye West's L.A. Spectacle

DJ Jefferson

Yeezy Boosts included.

Kanye West debuted the music video for his latest Life of Pablo single, "Famous," in front of a style-savvy crowd at the sold-out Forum on Saturday night and, as with all things Yeezy, it was a sight to behold.

But it wasn't the flashing lights and cameras surrounding the Kardashian clan, the hordes of devoted fans or even the A-list celebrities in attendance (including The Game, Rick Rubin, 2 Chainz and Travis $cott) that were cause for raised eyebrows. After all, given West's high-powered celebrity status, these occurrences are considered the norm.

No, the true shock factor came after Yeezy pressed play, revealing the look-alike versions of Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, West's ex Amber Rose and Kardashian's ex Ray J — all lying naked together in an enormous bed.

Following the spectacle, Pret-a-Reporter took to the streets to ask some of best-dressed attendees their reviews of the show, as well as what exactly The Life of Pablo is. 

Severino Alvarez, Creative engineer/lifestyle coach

The Life of Pablo is?
It's many things, but what I want to say right now is that The Life of Pablo is definitely something progressive in the creative realm. It’s pretty magical.

Saraan Qurashi, United States postal worker (left), and Quinn Brown, banker

The Life of Pablo is?
Qurashi: Revolutionary. It’s a whole movement that’s different — like nothing we have ever seen before. He’s changing views, aspects, and the whole country is changing. He is doing it for the people.

Brown: It’s innovative because Kanye always pushes the boundaries.

Jake Hanna, advertising

Thoughts on what you saw tonight?
I liked it, I liked the energy in the room, I like that he can bring people together. As far as the visual, I think that I almost expected more. It was well done, it was simple, it was a nice vehicle to show the idea of fame, and you know, "This is my bed, I’m going to lie in it."

Loosema Hakverdian, graphic designer (left), and David Welsh, mortgage analyst

Thoughts on what you saw tonight?
Welsh: It reminded me of another art video, just more of a visual piece. I would definitely not consider it a music video, but I am looking forward to the controversy and what people are going to be saying on Twitter.

Hakverdian: I definitely liked that it was out there and that he did what he usually does — being crazy.

Brandi Mosley, coach (left), and Chris Mosley, physician.

The Life of Pablo is?
Brandi: It’s the essence of, "You do what you want when you poppin'."

Chris: To me it was like a modern-day production masterpiece.

Paomar Thiam, driver (left), and William Richardson, HR specialist

Thoughts on what you saw tonight?
Thiam: I think it was pretty lackluster. I thought it was going to be like the other thing he did for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so I tried to give a deeper meaning to what I saw but I couldn’t really come up with one. Maybe it was something on the surface, but it wasn’t that intriguing to me. I love Kanye, but I didn’t enjoy it, really.

Richardson: It lacked a lot of what he could of elaborated on. I feel like what he had was an idea, and it didn’t get any further than that.

Lucia Reynolds, store owner (left), and Andrea Ámez, aesthetician

The Life of Pablo is?
Reynolds: The Life of Pablo is so honest — brutally honest, too — and I think that being honest in this environment, in this day in age, is something that’s brave. He’s totally unafraid in a world of bullshit.

Ámez: It was so genius in its simplicity, and that’s what makes [Kanye] an artist. [The album] is historic. The symbol of Pablo represents greatness. 

Hermes, brand owner

Thoughts on what you saw tonight?
I feel like this video was created because it has never been done before. It's this person having sex with this person — it's the same motherf—ers doing scandalous shit. But we’re just humans at the end of the day. We are all just animals.