F&ME game for 'Street Kids United'

Tim Pritchard to direct soccer documentary

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U.K. sales, finance and production house F&ME is looking to kick up a different set of dancing heels with "Street Kids United," a feature documentary about Street Child World Cup soccer tournament in 2010.

Veteran documentary maker Tim Pritchard will helm the F&ME-produced picture, which explores how a simple sporting event can change lives and raise the hopes of a group of British and African street kids as they prepare for the Street World Cup, and move on to the tournament.

"The intention in 'Street Kids United' is to capture the intoxication and anticipation of the 'real' World Cup as it approaches just a couple of months later," Pritchard said. "South Africa will be under the spotlight for the 'real' World Cup and the authorities will try to present the best image it can for the eyes of the world. Will this mean the police sweep up Durban's street children and dump them in the bush as been done in the past? Or will the World Cup force the authorities to come up with constructive solutions to child homelessness?"

Financing is in the early stages and is expected to be closed at the end of January aiming to deliver the picture in time for the 2010 World Cup.