Fan Retells 'Top Gun' on Twitter Frame by Frame

Top Gun Tweet - H 2014.

A dedicated fan is posting the Tom Cruise 1986 classic in its entirety on Twitter, uploading a single scene every 20 minutes.

It normally takes 110 minutes to watch Top Gun, but one obsessed fan is stretching the experience out over months by retelling the 1986 action film one screen grab at a time.

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Using the Twitter handle @555uhz, the patient movie-watcher has been posting scenes on his page since Jan. 23 -- when he began with the opening credits -- and uploading each frame individually every 20 minutes. 

The Top Gun tweeter even includes captions for scenes that have dialogue, so that those following at home can keep up with the plot and soak in the true glory of Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards sharing the screen together. 

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With over 5,200 followers but not following anyone else, the @555uhz account was apparently made with the sole purpose of bringing the '80s classic to 2014 social media, and includes a profile picture of a trio of old school VHS tapes.

The mystery movie fan is currently up to the scene in the bar, with Maverick having yet to belt out "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," to Charlie -- so he still has a long way to go.