Fan videos join roster for 'MNF'


NEW YORK -- "Monday Night Football" will feature two user-generated videos per week during each telecast, ESPN said Monday.

It will be "MNF's" first dip into the area of user-generated content. The videos will feature fans declaring why their teams will win the game and why people should watch the matchup.

The first videos will be televised Monday, Aug. 27, during a preseason game and will feature fans tied to the run-up to a Sept. 10 doubleheader featuring the Baltimore Ravens-Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers games.

The doubleheader will feature a video apiece from fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins, which is set to be the Sept. 17 game.

ESPN is promoting the feature online and over the air. The videos also will be available online. Fans are being asked to upload their videos to a special site on