‘The Fanatic’ Trailer: John Travolta's Craven Fanboy Stalks a Hollywood Star

The 'Grease' star portrays a fan who's craving to meet his idol, but quickly turns violent, in the stalker thriller.

The trailer for The Fanatic, released on Wednesday, shows John Travolta as an obsessive fan who will meet his hero by any means necessary.

Travolta plays Moose, a man obsessed with celebrity Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa). Directed by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, the Daniel Grodnik Productions thriller suggests in its preview that “not every Hollywood story can have a happy ending.”

Ana Golja co-stars as Moose’s friend Leah, who shows him how to use apps to locate a star's home but warns him not to go too far in his pursuits.

In the trailer, Moose is spurned after trying to trespass on Dunbar's property. He is told to never approach the star again, and events quickly escalate. The enraged admirer breaks into his idol's home, ties him up and pours gasoline over him, explaining, “I just wanted an autograph.”

Travolta recently starred in The Poison Rose along with Morgan Freeman and Brendan Fraser.

The Fanatic is due in theaters Aug. 30.