Fans Gather for Charlie Sheen Tour Kickoff in Detroit

No one knows what the show will entail, but one attendee is sure "it's going to be a spectacle."

DETROIT, MI -- The sign on the Fox Theatre marquee in downtown Detroit reads Live Nation presents Charlie Sheen: Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option, Tonight 8pm.

That title gives few clues as to the exact nature of the show about to debut as part of the former Two and a Half Men star's 20-city, 23-date tour. The audience filing into the ornate late-1920s show palace Saturday night is equally hard to pin down. Overgrown frat boys looking for a vicarious injection of tiger blood might come close. This crowd is LOUD.

While a lonely protester or two in the throng outside dodges the camera crews with signs reading "Jesus is God" and "Give Your Heart to Jesus," the  merchandise stand inside is doing a brisk trade in $30 t-shirts emblazoned with "F**king Brilliant." Other classic Sheenisms you can sport across your chest on T's and hoodies include "Warlock," "Winning" and "Sheenius." Other souvenirs available include ash trays, shot glasses, dog tags and "I'm not bi-polar/I'm bi-winning" knit caps. For the ladies, there are snug T's reading "Bangin' 7Gs" and "Goddess."

A group of Detroit locals gathered for pre-show dinner and drinks at the nearby Westin said their reasons for wanting to see the show ranged from "Random" to "It was an impulse buy -- something fun to do."

"I was invited by friends and it's going to be a spectacle," said Adam, a member of the party. "I was the gatherer," added Jeremy. "It's world news," said their buddy Alex. "They're going to be talking about this in China tomorrow."

The general expectation is that Sheen is going to get onstage and wing it. "That's what makes it exciting" said Susan, another of my bar buddies. Her cohorts - who work in finance, law and retail - are anticipating a show that will be either "funny or a total flop."
With the Tigers out of town and no major sporting events in Detroit, Sheen's debut is the hot ticket for Saturday night.

"Being the first to see this is a plus," said Adam. "The curiosity factor is a big thing. It's the unknown."