Fans Pay Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor Online

Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Elizabeth Taylor in 1948

Blog and Facebook posts highlight vintage magazine covers, international movie posters -- and close-ups of the actress' eyes.

Elizabeth Taylor's death on Wednesday at age 79 spurred a flurry of media coverage. But fans also have put together their own unique tributes.

For example, the blog All My Eyes pulled together two photo-heavy posts about the late actress, as picked up by Newmanology, the Twitter account of Robert Newman, former design director of Entertainment Weekly, Fortune and other magazines.

One post on the All My Eyes blog is comprised of a dozen or close-up shots of Taylor's eyes, including shots of her as Cleopatra.

Another is a round-up of vintage international posters -- in foreign languages -- of her films including Giant and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

On Facebook, Coverjunkie -- described as "the place for cover lovers" -- has put together a photo album of vintage magazines featuring Taylor on their covers, also picked up via Newmanology.

The covers include the tabloid Movie Mirror, which featured the headline "Liz Tells Burton -- You Must Marry Me!"; Modern Screen, which ran the headline "Tribute to Our Bravest Star"; and Ladies Home Journal, which named Taylor one of America's "most important women" in the '80s.