'Fargo': See Allison Tolman's Life-Changing Audition

Plus, the actress reveals what hints she's gotten about season two

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Fargo season one.]

In an era of TV in which pretty much every character you love will die, Fargo fans were pleasantly surprised that the show's good guys — Molly (Allison Tolman) and Gus (Colin Hanks) — lived happily ever after.

Tolman, who is back on the press circuit promoting the show's Blu-ray /DVD release, tells The Hollywood Reporter she was nervous that one of them would die all the way up until reading the season's final scene. She also reveals what she knows about the show's planned second season (it's not much — but it's apparently "looking good!").

Read her full conversation with THR below, and check out a Blu-ray extras clip showing her life-changing audition at the top of the post.

How did you feel that everything turned out well for Molly and Gus?

I was relieved, as I'm sure other fans were who were following along with the story. I certainly was concerned up until the very last page that I read that one of us was going to be offed. I was so glad it ended up that way and we all got to be together and be a family at the end. It was a nice reward for the hell that we put people through on that show.

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You're character's dad will be a young man in the next season. Do you know any details about that?

I'm pretty much like the rest of you guys — even when I was reading scripts, I thought "man, they are really laying the groundwork for a season in Sioux Falls. I hope they do that." But I wasn't expecting it to be this next season. As far as details, I don't think I know anything more than what's been publicized. I get cryptic messages from [creator] Noah [Hawley] and the producers. "Oh it's looking good! It's really coming together." But that's not really any information, so I like everyone else am waiting to hear more.

What was the most challenging part for you of shooting the final episode?

Definitely for me it was the scene in the cabin when Molly finally gets to listen to the tape of Lester's (Martin Freeman) phone call. Like a lot of people, I wanted Molly to have a guns blazing, glory moment, which just wasn't realistic with the story Noah had crafted about an eight-months pregnant cop. So for me that scene with her receiving proof that she'd been right for all these years was her moment of vindication and was her moment of glory. So trying to pack all of that punch into this quiet scene felt like a big responsibility to me. 

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What have people been saying to you now that it's over and they've seen your full performance?

Everyone from the beginning has been so kind and so complimentary. This character sort of came out of nowhere and filled a hole that we didn't know we had, as far as really likeable, down home, practical female characters on television, where you watch and go "oh, I know that person." People felt very close to this character. I have this added bonus of having this fun story of the last year of my life — where I was a year ago compared to where I am now. When people know that story it adds another layer and makes people feel like they know me. I've met a lot of really friendly people who are incredibly happy for me, which is really flattering and humbling.

Kathy Bates is beloved, but on Twitter a lot of people were sad that she beat you out at the Emmys for the supporting actress in a movie or miniseries award. What's that like?

That was very sweet, and I think a lot of people were torn because we have a lot of crossover fan base — American Horror Story and Fargo. A lot of people didn't know what do with it.

Fargo's first season is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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