Farrow meets with Myanmar refugees

Shifts focus from Darfur to SE Asia dictatorship

BANGKOK -- Refugees from Myanmar met Mia Farrow this week at the border with Thailand, as the activist-actress said it was time she turned her attention to human rights abuses in the Southeast Asian dictatorship.

Farrow, who has tried to compel world leaders to boycott the Beijing Olympics next month--blaming China for human rights abuses in neighboring Tibet and in the Darfur region of Sudan--said it did not matter that she lacked expertise on Myanmar.

"Individual responsible voices who have their liberty should express themselves for those who can't," Farrow said Friday at a Bangkok press conference, where she was flanked by Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams.

Williams criticized Myanmar's military junta for delaying international aid in the aftermath of the cyclone that killed 84,500 people in May and left 54,000 missing.