Fashion Industry Succumbs to April Fools' Madness

H and M and Mark Zuckerburg - H 2016

Ha. Ha. They almost got us.

Every year on April 1, the Internet becomes a prank-filled minefield (the worst kind of minefield, if you ask us), with outlets and brands trying to one-up each other with the most outrageous, yet still kind of believable, antics.

Fashion, of course, is not immune to the lure of a little Internet mischief. We've rounded up the good, the bad and the downright outrageous pranks from the industry's April Fools' Day madness. Don't fall for it.

Mark Zuckerberg x H&M
Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor H&M took credit for the genius that is Mark x H&M, a fake collaboration based on Zuckerberg's philosophy that wearing a uniform — in his case, a gray tee and jeans — means "one less thing to think about in the morning." But it's arguably the best (read: least annoying) prank we've seen all day. The faux collection includes a gray tee for each day of the week and a single pair of blue jeans.

American Eagle's #AerieMan Campaign
American Eagle revealed that, though its body-positivity message is very real, some aspects of its #AerieMan campaign (released last week) were part of its April Fools' shenanigans. In the ads, "real" men parody typical female underwear ads by blowing bubbles in a bubble bath and doing yoga in their tighty-whities.

Hot Topic's Golden Girls Collection
What do Hot Topic, alternative-cult mall store of yore, and The Golden Girls, the '80s sitcom best known for Betty White and pantsuits, have in common? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Which is why Hot Topic's announcement that they were launching a four-piece vintage-inspired capsule collection modeled after the show's leading ladies gave us a chuckle. Hilar.

Billionaire Boys Club Bought by Donald Trump
A billionaire buying the Billionaire Boys Club? This one makes total sense. The streetwear brand tweeted that Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president (that part's not a joke), had purchased the company and rebranded it as the Billionaire Mens Club, touting the slogan: "Make America Radical Again."

George Costanza Takes Over GQ
Over at, lead images from news stories were replaced with derp-worthy pictures of George Costanza (Jason Alexander), the lovable oaf from Seinfeld. We're not mad about it (we all need a little George in our lives), but we are looking forward to seeing David Beckham's shirtless return to the home page tomorrow.

Hypebeast Launches "Yeezybeast"
We've already established that keeping up with the Kardashians (and Jenners and Wests) is no easy feat, which is why Hypebeast's April Fools' hijinks — a "Yeezybeast" channel dedicated entirely to keeping up with Kanye — might not be a bad idea. Until then, we'll just keep our eyes on 'Ye's always-entertaining Twitter feed.

Fashionista's Harry Styles x Gucci Report
Fashionista ventured into some dangerous territory this morning by pulling a fast one on One Direction's legion of loyal fans (aka rabid 15-year-old girls). The outlet reported that beloved One Direction crooner Harry Styles was rumored to be collaborating with Gucci on a collection for 2017.

Colette Paris Announces Plans for Mars Pop-Up
The famed Parisian boutique almost had us with this one. Almost.