'Fashion Star' Sneak Peek: Daniel and Johana Must Work Together After Disagreement (Exclusive Video)

Fashion Star Season 2 Mentors - H 2013

THR has an exclusive clip from Friday night's episode, in which mentor Nicole Richie is forced to serve as mediator between the two designers.

Nicole Richie probably didn't realize she'd have to play mediator -- in addition to mentor -- on this season of Fashion Star.

In Friday night's episode of the NBC design competition, the remaining competitors are challenged to work in pairs to create one single look together. To up the stakes, the pair with the highest total sales will be given immunity.

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Unfortunately for Daniel Silverstein and Johana Hernandez -- Richie's two remaining team members -- the twist means that they are forced to work together on the heels of a disagreement the week before.

As seen in this clip, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Richie is forced to mediate between the two.

"I think to me sometimes you come off, you're very just about what you want to do and you're not open to hearing people," Johana tells Daniel.

"I actually feel exactly the same about you," he retorts.

Fashion Star airs at 8 p.m. Fridays on NBC.