'Fashion Star' Sneak Peek: Designers Bring 'Sexy' Back (Exclusive Video)

Fashion Star Season 2 Mentors - H 2013

One competitor verges on "slutty" in this exclusive clip from the next episode of NBC's design competition.

What's "sexy" in the world of fashion? That's what the designers must figure out in Friday's "sexy"-themed episode of Fashion Star.

The 11 competitors are tasked with presenting their sexiest pieces to the buyers, but what classifies as "sexy" is subjective, and it's up to the designers to decide how much skin to show.

Designer Daniel Silverstein admits that "sexy is my thing," but does he go too far? His work in progress is deemed a little "slutty," as seen in this clip, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, mentor Nicole Richie warns him that one of his materials verges on trashy.

Elsewhere, Jessica Simpson's team is under pressure to step it up, having lost a designer the week before; one garment goes down the runway unfinished; and a designer sparks a major bidding war.

Fashion Star airs at 8 p.m. Fridays on NBC.