'Fashion Star's' Louise Roe on Her Newest Job and the Show's Premiere (Video)

The fashion journalist and host tells THR how NBC's "Fashion Star" combines different parts of her career, making it "one amazing job."

A bevy of changes are afoot at NBC's Fashion Star, which premieres its second installment on Friday. In addition to new challenges and different retail partners, the fashion-competition show has snagged It-Brit fashion journalist Louise Roe to be its stylish new host.

Roe began her career as a writer for publications including Elle, Vogue.com, In Style, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. However, after an editor asked her to appear on BBC News, she realized another love and talent -- being on-camera. The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with the writer-slash-TV presenter at Reiss on Robertson Boulevard in L.A., where she explained how different aspects of her career make hosting Fashion Star her perfect job.

"It's almost like a culmination of all the different elements of my career coming together in one amazing job, truly," says Roe, whose father is a travel writer and inspired her to become a writer. "There's a huge studio audience. I get to interview people -- my favorite thing to do. That buzz-y, electric atmosphere."

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The fashion-design competition series, in which 13 contestants compete for a multimillion-dollar grand prize to launch their line at Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue or Express, features celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie (whom Roe calls a "total style icon") and designer John Varvatos.

As each week becomes more intense, with participants vying for their ultimate dream, Roe becomes much more than a mere host, sometimes acting as shoulder and therapist when the going gets tough.

"Some of these designers have never done a big runway production," Roe explains. "I'm there to hold their hand and give them a hug. And if it doesn't go right, perhaps give them a little advice and just keep them feeling good."

Not only does Roe bring comfort to the stage, but she's also there to "celebrate with those who are killing it."

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"It's definitely very emotional. I've definitely formed true bonds with loads, if not all, the contestants on the show, so I cared. I cared a lot ... I was holding back tears sometimes. They were not holding back tears, they were just blubbering." 

See what designs hit the runway this season on Fashion Star, airing Fridays on NBC at 8 p.m.