'Fashion Vultures' Ruin the Jason Wu for Target Collection Launch in Miami (Video)

One Miami couple snatched up the entire collection, despite the store's rules about 2-items per customer, and were heckled by an angry mob of shoppers.

After the vicious Versace mobs at H&M, the Missoni for Target madness and the pepper spray insanity at Walmart during the Thanksgiving sales, we knew the Jason Wu for Target launch would cause another outbreak of nation-wide fashion fever on Super Bowl Sunday.

And it did. If you saw the movie, Contagion, this fashion bug spreads much faster and yes, it does seem to be airborne. People were lining up outside Target stores acoss the US at 6 AM Sunday to get a piece of the much heralded designer who has dressed Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and the First Lady Michelle Obama.

VIDEO: Jason Wu to Design Line for Target 

The Wu line of sharp, colorful casual separates, cool purses and flirty dresses was definitely selling like proverbial hot cakes although there are some items still available on the Target website. Many triumphant shoppers have posted their victory videos on Youtube, displaying the Jason Wu outfits they snagged this weekend.

But one couple in Miami hit up a Target store this weekend and selfishly bought out the entire Wu collection. This is an action that goes totally against the store policy of 2 items per customer. One blogger who was there wrote that everyone was calling this couple "The Vultures Who Ruined Jason for Target." She also explains that police came and that the corporate headquarters of Target was contacted but said the store could not legally enforce the 2 item limit.

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In the YouTube video below of the fashion crime, other angry shoppers look on in amazement as the couple haul their carts filled with Jason Wu garments to the register and check out amid angry heckles and insults. 

To make matters more incendiary, the greedy couple taunted the other customers saying they could buy the outfits (at a higher price) from them outside the store, although they also talked about selling all their stash on eBay.com. What is this world coming to? Tell us in the comments.

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