Fashion Writer Teri Agins To Pen Expose of Fast Fashion, Celeb Designers, Red Carpet Deals

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The Wall Street Journal columnist will examine the effects our fast-paced modern communications has had -- for better or for worse -- on the multi-billion dollar industry.

Bet the fashion world is shaking in its Christian Louboutin red-soled stiletto boots. Award-winning Wall Street Journal fashion writer Teri Agins has inked a deal for yet another revealing fashion book, to be published by Gotham Imprint of Penguin books.

Her second nonfiction book is billed as a “behind-the-scenes exposé” of the fashion industry. It will examine the rise of fast fashion, the power of online shopping, the influence of social media and the rise of so-called 'celebrity designers' in the multi-billion designer fashion and retail clothing industry.

Agins' first book -- a fascinating look at the changes in the international fashion business strategies, titled The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Industry Forever -- came out in in 1999. The smart and seminal book is still in print after 13 years. It's now out in paperback, has been translated into three languages (including Korean and Japanese), and is available as an e-Book.

Her reporting was so prescient regarding the democratization of fashion, the rise of celebrity spokesmodels, Hollywood red carpet placements and luxury brand marketing secret strategies that this book is still being used in schools today.

Agins' new book isn't due out until early 2014 and has yet to be titled. But fear not, fashionistas -- Agins is a respected writer and a doggedly determined reporter with very powerful connections and smart inside sources. She will uncover the truth and get the facts.

She'll also put all the current changes -- and future predictions -- into perspective for readers. "Isn't that why we became journalists in the first place?," she asks THR. "To tell the truth and let people know what's going on and help them become better consumers?"



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