'Fast Five': Critics Chime In

Jaimie Trueblood/Universal Pictures

'Preposterous,' 'macho,' and 'gleefully silly' say reviewers of the film franchise's fifth installment.

The fifth film installment in this car-thieving juggernaut, staring series regulars Vin DieselPaul Walker and Jordana Brewster and directed by Justin Lin, opens Friday. See how it's fairing with reviewers. 

"There may be more brains in your bucket of popcorn," quips The Hollywood Reporter's Meghan Lehmann. But, she admits, "this gleefully silly smash-’em-up heist film is sturdy enough to restore much of the fan goodwill torched by the horror movie that was the Diesel-free The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."

Roger Ebert concurs with the film's high entertainment factor, but also highlights its unbelievability.  "The movie is made of sheer, preposterous and nonstop impossible action, muscular macho guys, hot chicks and platoons of bad guys who are eliminated by the dozens while the leading characters escape certain death so easily, it gets to be a habit," he says. 

"Now, that's entertainment," writes Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman of one of the film's opening scenes. "The film is basically Ocean's Fourteen starring a multiculti version of the cast of Jersey Shore. The final chase — it features cars and that vault — is badass heaven. Fast Five is high- octane trash, but you will go ''Ohhhhhh!''"

 CNN makes the same comparison. "It has the makings of the most over-populated caper since Ocean's Thirteen," says reviewer Tom Charity. "But even with the extra muscle of The Rock's imported "Old Testament" supercop, it's considerably leaner than that and an unpretentious effort with a good deal of humor on the side."

The Wall Street Journal agrees that the movie is for a niche audience, saying, "Indeed the fifth film in the “Fast & Furious series that began in 2001 is an overdose of not only car chases, but gun play, macho hand-to-hand combat and gratuitous displays of flesh. If you like the openings of James Bond movies but always wished they could go on for two hours, this is your kind of flick."