'Fast Five' Parody Trailer Mocks 'Fast and Furious' Franchise (Video)

BRAZIL: Quanta Studios

Brazil's Quanta recently hosted "Fast Five."

Honest Trailers takes on Vin Diesel's mumbling and the film's ignoring of the laws of physics.

Ahead of the release of Fast & Furious 6Fast Five has received the Honest Trailer treatment.

According to the trailer, the film stars Vin Diesel,“a passible action hero” who must face off against a “much more charismatic action hero, the Rock.”

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There's not much substance, but there is plenty of gear shifting and Diesel’s trademark half-mumble, half growl. And the action doesn't’ stop there. Follow the gang as they break the laws of physics and turn the franchise into Ocean's 11.

2011’s Fast Five scored $626 million worldwide. Fast & Furious 6 opens in theaters Friday.

Watch the trailer below.