'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' Alum Takes THR’s Taste Test

Courtesy of Bob's Espresso Bar
Bob Romanus

Veteran actor and new North Hollywood coffeehouse owner Bob Romanos talks venison, doughnuts, ice cream sundaes and loud chewers.

Bob Romanos, who played ladies’ man Mike Damone in the seminal 1982 San Fernando Valley film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, has opened Bob’s Espresso Bar (5251 Lankershim Blvd.) in the Valley’s continually gentrifying NoHo Arts District, not too far from his own home. The veteran actor serves Fonte beans from Seattle and baked goods from the famed Porto’s in Glendale. “I want it to be a clubhouse for this artistic community,” he says of the coffeehouse. “Come in, hang out, let’s chat. That’s the vibe I’m going for.”


Current Fixation
“Hummus and Lebanese salad made with lemon dressing and pita.”

Known for Cooking
“Roast chicken with rice and veggies, usually for Sunday dinner with my kids.”

Destination Dinner
“Ruth's Chris for a nice New York steak and a wedge salad.”

Go-to Take-Out
“MP’s Soul Food in North Hollywood. They make a mean fried chicken and mac and cheese with string beans.”

Simply Won’t Eat
“Liver or venison.”

Favorite Snack
“Cookies and milk -- chocolate chip.”

Pet Peeve
“People who are loud chewers or chew with their mouth open will ruin my appetite in a heartbeat. It’s nails-on-a-chalkboard to me.”

Embarrassing Experience
“Once, in Paris by myself, I ordered an ice cream sundae in a crowded restaurant. I was alone and I didn’t speak French, so I picked it from a picture off the menu. When they brought it out all the waiters came with it. It was twice the size of my head with sparklers lighting up the room -- it was obviously a party sundae. I got the feeling everyone was laughing at the dopey American. I would have.”

Guilty Pleasure
“I never met a doughnut I didn’t like. My grandmother used to make them fried in bacon grease.”

Last Meal
“A great dish of spaghetti and meatballs with a nice salad and a glass of good pinot noir. For dessert, a macchiato with a piece of apple pie and ice cream.”