Patton Oswalt and Comedians Mock the Fat Jew's Plagiarism After CAA Signing

Fat Jewish - H 2015
Courtesy of Fat Jewish

Fat Jewish - H 2015

"As Fat Jew once said, I have a dream."

The comedian known as the Fat Jew — real name Josh Ostrovsky — is getting eviscerated on social media by comedians roasting him for plagiarism and stealing jokes.

On Saturday, Patton Oswalt, Kumail Nanjiani and other entertainers took to Twitter to mock Ostrovsky in the wake of The Hollywood Reporter's story about Ostrovsky signing with CAA.

"My favorite Jane's Addiction song is 'Been Caught Aggregating,' " tweeted Oswalt. Ostrovsky is often accused of plagiarism for stealing people's jokes and repurposing them on his own Instagram without credit. Recently, comedian Davon Magwood penned an open letter to Ostrovsky criticizing him for his aggregation. On Friday, Buzzfeed's Ben Rosen also called out Ostrovsky.

The criticism ramped up against Ostrovsky this weekend after writer Maura Quint wrote a Facebook post asking people to stop following the Fat Jew. 

Quint reposted her thoughts on Twitter and Oswalt retweeted it to his followers, leading other comedians to join in and mock Ostrovsky.

Here's what they had to say: