White Girl Rosé Founders Will Pay Your Uber Clean-Up Fee

White Girl Rose Founders - P 2016
Courtesy of White Girl Rose

“If you barf — we’re going to go on record saying this — if you barf from White Girl Rose in an Uber and can prove it, we are picking up the tab.”

Summer — known unofficially as rosé season — is officially upon us, and no one knows the season better than social media personalities The Fat Jew (Josh Ostrovsky) and brothers Tanner and David Cohen, founders of the White Girl Problems Twitter account.

Last year, the trio of 30-something dudes teamed up with Alexander Ferzan to launch White Girl Rosé — their very own line of fizzy pink wine which they highly encourage sipping straight from the bottle through one of their specially made extra-long straws.

In preparation for the warm months ahead, Pret-a-Reporter sat down with the guys to chat about White Girl Rosé, dad bods and how to have the best summer ever.

What should people be listening to this summer?
Tanner: The new Ariana Grand.
David: Yes, anything Ariana Grande.

Grand or Grande?
Tanner: I only call her Grand. I refuse to go up on the “e” for her. I called [Beyoncé] "Beyahnz" for, like, the first three or four years.

What are your best tips for having an amazing summer?
Josh: Don’t sit in a wet bathing suit for too long. Things can get yeasty.
Tanner: Don’t wear underwear.
Josh: Feel free to barf in an Uber. We’ll pay for it. We’re sponsoring Uber cleaning. I think it’s like a $100 clean-up fee and we will pick up that tab.
David: If you barf — we’re going to go on record saying this — if you barf from White Girl Rosé in an Uber and can prove it, we are picking up the tab.
Josh: We support that and will pay for it because we don’t want you to feel like that would be the reason you wouldn’t. Like if you don’t want to, don’t, but don’t not do it because you don’t want to pay the fee. We will pick that up for you.

Any suggestions for fun activities people should be doing?
Josh: Just have fun. Turn up.
David: Be safe.
Josh: I like how you ended all that. “Be safe.”
David: Drink responsibly.
Josh: Don’t drink and jet-ski. Or you know, just don’t jet-ski. Don’t wear a thumb ring. Or a toe ring. Just keep the rings on hands. Make memories. Get outside your comfort zone.
Tanner: Chill with your parents.


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Any dad bod fashion tips for the summer?
David: Okay, everyone point to me now.
Josh: You are our most dad bod. … He walked in [the dad bod fashion show]. He was more like “young dad.”
David: That’s also my rap name.
Josh: You have a developing dad bod, I’ve really watched you progress. 
Tanner: I love a bucket hat.
Josh: Dads wearing anything that was given to them by their kids are great. I’ve given my dad Jeremy Scott basketball shorts that they gave away at an event, and they have lightning bolts — and he’s wearing them not even realizing how ridiculous he looks. He’s just going, “They were free.”
Tanner: Just not giving a f—.
Josh: By the time you’re a dad you have no f—s left to give. [I'm] also into jelly sandals [for dads]. My dad in jelly sandals would be terrifying.

Do they make men’s jelly sandals?  
Josh: Oh yeah.
David: Here’s a pro tip: they make everything. Just in general.
Josh: Now I can’t stop thinking about my dad in jelly sandals, and I don’t like it.
Tanner: Do you know straight away what your dad’s feet look like?
Josh: I’m going to send my dad a text right now that says, 'Please send pic of feet. I will get back to you.' He’s gotten weirder texts from me. (Typing) “Please send a pic of your bare feet. Need it for work. Time sensitive.” I’m gonna leave it vague.

[Editor's Note: Ostrovsky's dad pulled through and did send a photo of his bare feet. They would indeed look terrifying in jelly sandals.]

Any must-follow SnapChat accounts?
Josh: Kate Hudson is flames. No joke, it is the most turnt. It’ll be, like, her at dinner with, like, a filter on her face that’s, like, squishing her face and giving her big alien eyes, and she’s, like, stuffing as many grape leaves in her mouth as possible. They’re working out, they’re dancing, they’re throwing things at each other. She’s having the most fun. It’s so dope. She’s, like, in the club talking on her shoe as a phone. She’s just mad wacky! She’s having a genuinely good time. She’s kind of a must-follow. And on Instagram, follow the TSA. The things people try to bring on planes are literally insane.

What do you guys think about the new Instagram update?
David: I’m not engaging. They keep changing things, everyone gets over it. No one even remembers what the old Instagram looks like.
Josh: It’s the cycle. Everyone’s, like, “I hate this update!” and then it’s gone and they’re, like, “I miss this update!” They’re all screaming about everything. I did like the old colors, though — to not engage, but totally engage, I liked the old color scheme better. But Zuckerberg doesn’t care. He’s, like, in a pod in space.