White Girl Rosé Is Now Available in Can Form

White Girl Rose Founders - P 2016
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Meet "Babe."

When Josh Ostrovsky (aka The Fat Jew) and brothers Tanner and David Oliver Cohen (founders of the White Girl Problems Twitter account) joined forces to launch White Girl Rosé last summer, they were able to corner the market thanks to their deep understanding of their core audience — better known as "basics." 

"We realized very early two important facts. Number one is that millennials are the biggest group of people who buy wine. And number two, they don’t know anything about it," David told Pret-a-Reporter of their target demographic during a rooftop tasting at the London West Hollywood hotel. "So you walk into a wine store, this stands out to them." 

Indeed, the White Girl Rosé bottle — with its cheeky label and cork reading "Yas" — was an instant branded success, becoming the No. 2 best-selling rosé in New York state after last summer's launch with a quarter of a million bottles sold between July and September. (Not to mention, over 50,000 tagged Instagram photos.)

This season, however, the boys are taking White Girl Rosé to the next level by introducing Babe — their signature rosé with bubbles in a can. "Our demographic is drinking in nontraditional locations, like bathrooms, gas stations, Ubers. So we needed something portable. We need something that you can just chill with for going wherever," said Ostrovsky, adding that it's the perfect go-to alternative for beer at sporting events, concerts or "the office." 


While some expected the boys to branch out into red or white wine, they knew that the "rosé bubble" (pun allegedly unintended) was definitely a market they wanted to stay in. "Rosé doesn’t take itself too seriously," said Ostrovsky. "Other wines are trying to be fun, but they’re not that fun. I mean, pinot’s fun in like a housewife with a lot of good face work kind of way, but it’s not like actually turnt." He adds, "White Girl Rosé is meant for nontraditional avenues — it’s meant for people who aren’t necessarily of wine culture and also good enough for people who actually do take it seriously." The boys credit their winemaker ("Claudio — he’s 41, he’s Italian and he smokes 400 cigarettes a day") for the "delish" beverage.

"People expect it to be terrible — the number one thing people say when they try it is, 'This is not that bad.' We love that," he says, adding that it pairs well with "a joint or a post-break-up spiral."

But as for the real reason they created Babe? "We also really wanted to get on Kathie Lee and Hoda," jokes Ostrovsky of the Gifford- and Kotb-hosted fourth hour of NBC's Today show, where the pair regularly drink wine. "They wouldn't drink something called White Girl Rosé, but they’ll drink something called Babe."


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Babe, sold in a four pack, will be available in stores and online on June 12.