Front Row Report, Karen Walker: The Fat Jewish on Surviving a Corporate Scandal

Stephanie Chan
Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. The Fat Jewish, at Karen Walker's spring 2016 show.

Despite the backlash from famous comedians following his signing with CAA, the Instagram star seems to be doing just fine as he attended Karen Walker's NYFW show in good spirits and a comfy outfit (sweatpants, for the win).

From his signature vertical ponytail to his burly beard, it wasn't difficult to spot Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. The Fat Jewish of Instagram fame, at Karen Walker's spring 2016 show on Monday. Not that we were surprised to see him at the presentation — he did profess his love for the designer's popular sunglasses at last season's show, after all — it was still a treat to meet the man behind one of our favorite Insta accounts live and in person.

"This is always my fave," said the model-designer, who will be presenting his own collection of "dad-bod friendly" looks during a NYFW presentation on Tuesday, of being at Walker's show.

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"I went to the Alexander Wang show, but I'm not wearing… I can't really pull any of that off. It's for like rave party boys. This is like — eyewear is for everybody."

He paired his pink Karen Walker shades with an all-white outfit (in a hoodie and sweatpants, no less) as he sat front row with pup Toast (himself with 297k Insta followers) by his side.

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"I refuse to wear anything but white after Labor Day," he paused before adding, "Yeah, for the haters. If they don't like that, [they can] come see me."

Speaking of haters, the Instagram star faced a bit of backlash from famous comedians following The Hollywood Reporter's story about Ostrovsky signing with CAA last month. Patton Oswalt was among one of the entertainers to mock Ostrovsky, who is often accused of stealing people's jokes without giving proper credit, by tweeting, "My favorite Jane's Addiction song is 'Been Caught Aggregating.'"

Dealing with the reactions hasn't been easy as Ostrovsky revealed, "It definitely sucked but I think some things got learned from it."

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"You know I'm just committed to attributions [now]," he continued. "People have reached out and been really cool like 'Hey that's my thing. Thank you for offering to do it. I didn't know who to find who had taken it or whose it was,' and a lot of these people are super cool. It sucked but overall, hopefully some hopeful shit will come out of it."

And when it comes time to pitching his ideas at the CAA office, Ostrovsky said, "I definitely have a lot of crazy ideas. Sometimes I just go for the diet coke and some free wasabi peas, which is always nice, but I go in there and they're open to whatever."

"We started working together and they were like, 'no idea is too crazy if you want to do it, let's do it.' They're buttoned-up and slick but they're down to get wild," he said. "They turn up more than you might think." Oh, we have no doubt.