The Fat Jewish to Launch "White Girl Rosé"

AP Images/Invision
Josh Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jew

Dreams do come true.

Josh Ostrovosky, the husky, bearded man more commonly known by his Internet moniker, the Fat Jew, has managed to woo nearly 4.1 million millennials with his on-point Instagram posts that perfectly articulate every thought, whim and hangover-related struggle of 20-somethings nationwide. And now, the 30-year-old Instagram phenom is bringing his influence full-circle with the introduction of his latest endeavor: a line of rosé. 

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Following last year's now-infamous Hamptons shortage of the sweet, pink-hued wine, which brought upper-class vacationers dangerously close to sobriety, Ostrovsky's decision to get into the vino biz was one meant to stave off similar privations in the future. He told Page Six, "May we never [again] encounter such a f—king travesty. … We were on the brink of disaster."

Thus, the Internet star has partnered with the team behind the also wildly popular (and arguably, in this case, wildly accurate) Twitter account White Girl Problems to bless the world with "White Girl Rosé."

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The brand's tagline is, appropriately, "This is just so us" — the very same line that accompanies screenshots of Ostrovsky's posts when they are shared via text between white-girl BFFs.

The line will be available in the Hamptons and New York City this summer, so stock up, stat.