Owen Wilson, Ed Helms Talk Family Bond at 'Father Figures' Premiere

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Owen Wilson (left), Ed Helms

The two co-star as twin brothers in the film, with a supporting cast including J.K. Simmons, Glenn Close and Christopher Walken.

The star-studded cast of Father Figures, including Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, J.K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw and Katt Williams, arrived at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theater on Wednesday night for the film's Los Angeles premiere. 

The comedy, which also stars Glenn Close and Christopher Walken, is about twin brothers (played by Wilson and Helms) who go on a journey to find their real father after discovering their mother (Close) had lied about him dying when they were young. Helms, who told The Hollywood Reporter that he was "incredibly proud" of the film, said that when he got the script he thought it was a rare find. 

"I think it's actually a really beautiful story, in addition to being a king of crazy, raucous comedy, and that doesn't come along very often, where you kind of tug some heartstrings at the same time. I loved it from the get-go," the actor said.  

A big draw for Helms was also getting to work with Wilson. "I'd never met Owen Wilson before, and when you go into a project with a stranger, you're kind of on pins and needles a little bit, like 'How's this going to go?' especially since we're in every scene together," he said. "We hit it off so fast, and now Owen is one of my best friends, and I couldn't have asked for a better co-star — we had a blast."

Wilson spoke similarly of Helms and told THR, "We really did hit it off right away. He's a very easy person to get along with, and I like to think I am, but then to get to the next level where you actually become friends — that doesn't always happen, so it was nice with this one." 

With so many strong personalities rotating in and out throughout the film's shoot, Wilson added, "We had such a great cast, it was one of those things where you didn't have time to get sick of anybody because after a couple of weeks there was always a new person."

Simmons, who is best known for his more serious works, such as his Oscar-winning role in Whiplash, joined Father Figures after looking for a more fun, lighthearted role, and discovered a comedic partner in actress June Squibb, who has a small part in the film. 

"All my stuff was with Owen and Ed and some of it with June Squibb, who I had known as a wonderful actor but didn't know she'd be as fun as Owen and Ed," he said, adding: "We're out there improvising and being foul-mouthed and trashy, and we had a great time."

Father Figures opens in theaters Dec. 22.