Father-in-Law: Gordon Ramsay Fired Me After I Took Out $2 Million Loan

Chris Hutcheson says he didn’t do anything unethical, but the “Hell’s Kitchen” chef “has locked me out of the business and sacked me and tried to make me the scapegoat, the bad guy.”

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law says his ouster from the famed chef's company, which he had helped run since 1998, has created a "huge fallout" in his family.

"I don't know why he is like this," Chris Hutcheson told London's Mail on Sunday newspaper about being fired as chief executive from Gordon Ramsay Holdings two weeks ago. "He has only got one friend and that was me. Now he has locked me out of the business and sacked me and tried to make me the scapegoat, the bad guy."

Hutcheson says he was notified of his firing by Ramsay's lawyer.

"Gordon wasn't there," he said. "I knew not to call him, and he knew not to be around when there is a public hanging."

His daughter took his grandchildren to Los Angeles the day before to avoid an awkward run-in.

"It is a hugely awkward situation with my daughter married to him," Hutcheson says. "How would it feel for any man to lose a daughter? And that is what has happened. Tana doesn't speak to [her mother] Greta. She hasn't replied to any calls, texts or emails from my wife. There is a huge fallout from this."

Hutcheson admits he took out $2 million in loans from the company, but says he didn't hide that.

"I have taken money out of the company, just as Gordon would do, in the normal course of events," he says. "And it was registered immediately in the directors' loan account. I haven't used it unethically, without anyone knowing, without accountants knowing or Gordon knowing."

"I don't know if Tana believes these lies [about me]. I think she knows I am an honest person," he went on. "She has known her dad a long time but she is stuck in the middle."