How Well Do You Know 'Father of the Bride'?

Buena Vista Pictures/Photofest
Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams in 'Father of the Bride' (1991)

Test your knowledge of the remake, starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, which hit theaters on Dec. 20, 1991.

The Nancy Meyers- and Charles Shyer-written (and Shyer-directed) remake of Father of the Bride, starring Steve Martin as the titular dad, hit theaters 25 years ago on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

The 1991 version, an update on the 1950 Spencer Tracy-Elizabeth Taylor film of the same name, follows Martin's George Banks as he deals with the unexpected wedding of his 22-year-old daughter, Annie (Kimberly Williams-Paisley, then just Kimberly Williams), to Bryan MacKenzie (George Newbern), whom she met while studying abroad. Diane Keaton plays Nina Banks, the mother of the bride, while Martin Short has a scene-stealing role as the oddly accented wedding coordinator Franck Eggelhoffer.

The film, which has a 71 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, earned $89.3 million at the domestic box office. In honor of the movie's anniversary, test your knowledge of Father of the Bride's memorable moments and plot points in the quiz below.