'Fatherland' adaptation on new UFA slate

Production set to begin in 2010-11; to be in German

BERLIN -- Would-be German major UFA Cinema is planning a feature film adaptation of Robert Harris' alternative history bestseller "Fatherland" as the flagship of its new slate.

The novel, which imagines what might have happened if the Nazis conquered England, was made into a Golden Globe-winning telefilm in 1994 starring Rutger Hauer. UFA's version, set to begin production in 2010-11, will be shot in German.

Looking to tap into the success of the German teen franchise "The Wild Soccer Bunch," also UFA has boarded an adaptation of the similarly themed audio books "Die Teufelskicker" (The Devil Kickers) from Frauke Nahrgang. Comedy specialist Granz Henman, is attached to direct in the first in what is hoped to be a franchise, with UFA co-producing with Phoenix Film.

Other projects on UFA's new slate include "Jesus Loves Me," a romantic comedy based on David Safier's bestseller, and "Protoyp," a skewed take on the Garden of Eden story, adapted from the comic book by cult author Ralf Konig.
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