'Fault in Our Stars' Author John Green's Multimedia Empire

The writer and his brother Hank have a reach that extends across multiple platforms, creating a community of teens Hollywood hopes to tap.

This story first appeared in the May 9 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

CRASH COURSE, 1.6 million subscribers

The Greens launched the educational YouTube channel in January 2012 to stream their slickly produced videos -- 239 so far -- on topics such as U.S. history, biology, psychology and politics.

VLOGBROTHERS, 428 million views

In 2007, the brothers began video blogging, mostly for fun. It's still fun, but more organized. They post regularly on whatever interests them, like Hank opining on the U.S.' high incarceration rates.

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TWITTER, 2.3 million followers

John uses his Twitter feed to update fans on his life and the various projects he has going at any one time. Hank's Twitter account has 402,000 followers of his posts on science and other topics.

NERDFIGHTER, 100,000 participants

The digital portal to all the enterprises the brothers are engaged in. It's also an Internet subculture of kids who aren't popular or are lonely. The site has inspired student-run clubs in the real world.

SUBBABLE, raises $100K a month

A crowdfunding system the Greens launched in 2013, its original purpose was to raise money for Crash Course. It has since expanded to help fund other creators of like-minded content.