'Fault in Our Stars' Author John Green's THR Photo Shoot Spawns #Johning Meme

Christopher Patey

Fans posted images on Twitter and Instagram of themselves copying Green's unique pose.

Never underestimate the Internet.

John Green, the author of best-seller The Fault in Our Stars, unknowingly spawned a Twitter meme after fans saw his unique pose in a photo accompanying a feature in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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#Johning, as the pose has become known, refers to lying flat on one's back, with one's legs on an object such as a bed or a couch. In the feature, a smiling Green is seen with his back against the floor, typing on a laptop set on his stomach with his feet up on a bed.

After the story appeared Thursday on THR.com, hundreds of fans flooded Twitter and Instagram with images of themselves #Johning in various locations. Green's brother and frequent collaborator Hank even got in on the action, showing support for the fan-generated cause by retweeting a photo.

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In THR's feature, Green -- who has an envious 2.32 million Twitter followers -- admitted to being overwhelmed by Hollywood success. "Interviewers kept asking me how I was handling all the attention about a book becoming a movie and whether our community would change, and I wanted to answer every question with, 'I'm freaking out,' " he said.

The Fault in Our Stars, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, hits theaters June 6.