Faux Lip Rings Are the Next Big (Temporary) Piercing Trend

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Listen up, commitment phobes.

You've adorned your ears with piercings along your lobe, cartilage — maybe even your tragus or rook. So now what? 

The next trendy piece of real estate is shaping up to be the lips, with stars such as Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Erykah Badu and more sporting skinny metallic rings on their full pouts. But there's good news here for those afraid of the pinch (or the side-eye disapproval of modest grandmothers). The look of the pierced lip can be achieved sans needles, thanks to faux lip jewelry.

Ever the trendsetter, Delevingne was one of the first to sport the faux look, wearing a single gold ring while at a Chanel party back in 2015, followed shortly after by a double, snake bite-inspired set of silver rings by Established Jewelry. Kardashian and Amber Rose followed in her footsteps, wearing hoop-like pieces with their more casual, everyday ensembles.


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Kardashian then took her look to the next level while giving a speech at the Family Equality Center's Impact Awards earlier this year, where she rocked a diamond-encrusted, glittering silver ring (pictured above).  

Wanting to bring attention to a full pout isn't too surprising considering the recent uptick in lip injections and the never ending quest to perfect the Kylie Jenner look. And, unlike a nose or eyebrow piercing, the latter of which is nearly impossible to fake, the lip ring is a fun accessory that can be removed at the end of the day. (Or during meals — no word on whether the rings impede eating/drinking.)

Several brands, including Lip Lace by Tanaya and Established Jewelry, have released their own versions of the faux lip ring, with styles ranging from minimalist metallic slivers to bold, jewel-encrusted shapes with horizontal cross bars. For those looking for less of a commitment than the $200-$800 14k gold styles, there are several more affordable versions on Etsy as well as Topshop


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