Faye Dunaway Says She Voluntarily Left Rent-Controlled NYC Apt.

"I have not been evicted," the Oscar-winning actress said in response to a lawsuit filed by her landlord earlier this week.

When reports surfaced that actress Faye Dunaway would be evicted from her rent-controlled Upper East Side apartment, she stood her ground.

"I have not been evicted," Dunaway said in one of three voicemails to a New York Times reporter in response to an article earlier Wednesday about a lawsuit. "I have chosen to leave because of the state of the apartment and also because I am spending less and less time in New York."

Dunaway said that she had actually left in May because the condition of the apartment was bad, saying that her landlord "refused to paint the house and bugs were everywhere."

The lawsuit, filed by Dunaway's landlord on Tuesday, alleged that Dunaway did not primarily live in the apartment -- which asks for $1,048.72 for the one-bedroom located on East 78th St. in New York City -- but instead owned a home in West Hollywood. According to rent stabilization guidelines, they require that that apartment be the renter's primary residence. The lawsuit also named Dunaway's son Liam as a subtenant.

According to Dunaway, who has appeared in Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown and Network, which she won an Oscar for, she took the apartment from playwright William Alfred, her mentor, who died in the late 1990s.