Before There Were Stylists: Faye Dunaway's Theadora Van Runkle Gown at the 1968 Oscars

Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
Faye Dunaway at the 1968 Academy Awards

With the actress slated to present at Sunday's Academy Awards show with Warren Beatty, a look back at the showstopper she wore to the 1968 awards ceremony.

The Dress: A dramatic long-sleeve black chiffon gown with a matching ostrich-feather-embellished coat.

The Wearer: Faye Dunaway, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde.

The Event: The 1968 Academy Awards.

Why It Matters: Long before stylists, costume designers were often the imagemakers behind Hollywood's biggest names when it came to formal occasions. Case in point: The late, great costume designer Theadora Van Runkle created Dunaway's now-iconic look for the 1968 Oscars.

The designer behind Bonnie and Clyde (1967), The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) and The Arrangement (1969), all of which starred Dunaway, was known to design for the actress offscreen, too. Van Runkle, who died from lung cancer at age 83 in 2011, earned an Oscar nomination for her work in Bonnie and Clyde. Thanks to Van Runkle's creations for Dunaway's Bonnie, the midi-skirt look (a blouse and narrow skirt, paired with a beret) became, and remains, a major street-style trend among women.

In honor of Bonnie and Clyde's 50th anniversary, Dunaway is expected to return to Sunday's Academy Awards with co-star Warren Beatty (who played Clyde Barrow) to present the best picture Oscar. Here's to seeing what Dunaway will choose for the red carpet this time around.

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