FaZe Clan Execs Form New Gaming Organization With Focus on Inclusion

Clinton Sparks and Greg Selkoe-Getty - H 2020
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

XSET will feature pro esports teams seen in 'Valorant,' 'Call of Duty: Warzone' and 'Fortnite.'

Former FaZe Clan executives Greg Selkoe, Clinton Sparks and Wil Eddins, together with Marco Mereu, founder of esports network Framerate, have launched a new gaming brand called XSET.

"Gaming is the new pop culture. We are creating an entirely new gaming organization -- one with integrity, creativity, and, most of all, the courage to build out an impressive and diverse roster of individual gamers who reflect the actual landscape of the new generation of America," said Greg Selkoe, XSET CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "XSET means excellence and inclusion. We will set the standard and be the kind of role models the community of hundreds of millions of gaming fans deserve. The way I look at it, the future is set."

According to a source close to the esports organization FaZe Clan, in which Selkoe was club president, he departed months ago after FaZe approached him to initiate his exit. Multiple employees that left with him turned in their resignations this week. 

"We realized there was a huge void that needed to be filled in the gaming marketplace," Selkoe told The New York Times. "But if you look at the current organizations, they sort of resemble a frat house. They're not reflective of the racial and gender diversity in the gaming world."

XSET, focusing on cultural diversity, equality, creative expression and inclusion, will feature pro streamers and TikTok gaming personalities such as Ashley "AshleyBTW" Morales and Zander "Thwifo" Kim, as well as a slate of esports teams seen in tactical first-person shooter Valorant and battle royale games Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

"Not only will XSET field highly-competitive esports teams in the games that matter, we will focus on creating the best and most compelling content for our audience,” says XSET COO and co-founder Mereu. "We will organically attract the best talent, representing the broad spectrum of people who make up this generation of gamers and their fans. This generation cares about style, but also wants to know the substance of shared values and making the world a better place."

New player announcements and impact-focused initiatives will be forthcoming.