FBI Opens Inquiry Into Ryan Adams' Relationship With Younger Fan After N.Y. Times Exposé (Report)

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Ryan Adams

The singer-songwriter has not been contacted by any member of a law enforcement agency, Adams' lawyer told The Hollywood Reporter.

One day after the New York Times published a bombshell exposé of Ryan Adams alleging he had exchanged explicit messages with a minor, the FBI has opened an inquiry into the singer-songwriter's communications with the younger fan, the Times reported Thursday.

FBI agents from the Crime Against Children Squad in the bureau's New York office began the steps of opening a criminal investigation on Thursday, the newspaper reported. Those steps include interviewing the woman that the Times reported on, who is no longer a minor, and gathering evidence of the correspondence. If corroborating evidence is found to substantiate the Times' original account, the agents could take further steps to gather evidence, including subpoenaing phone records.

Adams has not been contacted by any member of a law enforcement agency, including the FBI, Adams' lawyer, Andrew Brettler, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Times story reported that Adams had struck up a Twitter conversation with a 14-year-old bassist in 2013 that started as a conversation about the girl's music career and became a sexually explicit exchange. The girl, identified only by her middle name, Ava, because she was a minor at the time of the relationship, eventually became aware of a power imbalance between the two, she told the Times. "It was just sexual power,” she said. Ava was turned off to pursuing music as a career after the realization, she added. 

Adams, via a lawyer, denied ever discussing anything other than music with fans and engaging in an explicit correspondence with a minor.

When reached by THR, a spokesperson for the FBI declined comment.

The Times story on Wednesday contained the testimony of five women, two off the record, that Adams had initially offered the accusers professional help but ended up pursuing them sexually. Seven women, including the original five as well as Adams' ex-wife Mandy Moore and ex-fiancee Megan Butterworth, alleged that Adams had been emotionally and verbally abusive to them when he was romantically rejected or spurned.

Adams’ career appears to be in limbo after the allegations came to light, with his next album, Big Colors, being put on hold on Thursday,

Ryan Parker also contributed to this report.