FBI: White Powder Found at CNN Building Not Dangerous

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Law enforcement held a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

During a law enforcement briefing on Thursday afternoon, FBI assistant director William Sweeney said the white powder found in an envelope at the Time Warner Center building on Wednesday "did not present a biological threat" but did not reveal what the substance is.

The envelope was found in the packaging that contained a bomb, which led to the evacuation of the building.

During the briefing, which focused on the 10 suspicious packages delivered to targets around the country, Sweeney said the investigation is still in its early stages.

"It is vitally important that we do not inadvertently disclose information that could adversely affect our investigation," Sweeney said.

New York Police Department Commissioner James P. O'Neill said the bomb has been taken to a law enforcement facility in Quantico, Virginia.

No information was given about the identity of the individual or individuals responsible for making the threats.