FCC: Chairman Julius Genachowski Has No Plans to Leave

His senior counselor shoots down a report that he may be on his way out.


NEW YORK -- A close advisor to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski on Thursday shot down Washington chatterthat the agency's head may be on his way out.

"Chairman Genachowski is very happy at the FCC and is focused on harnessing the opportunities of the communications and technology space," Josh Gottheimer, senior counselor to Genachowski, tells The Hollywood Reporterin a statement. "He has no intention to leave his position."

The Hill had reported that the Genachowski era could come to an end sooner rather than later. Citing sources, it said he is under consideration to replace Gary Locke as Secretary of Commerce. 

Genachowski, known as a friend of President Obama’s since law school, may want to leave the FCC even if he doesn't take or get the commerce secretary job, the Hill had suggested. It cited continuing discussions about new net neutrality rules spearheaded by the FCC chair and repeated criticism from some Congressmen and Senators.