FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell Resigns

Robert McDowell - H 2013
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McDowell, who was first appointed to the commission in 2006, didn't reveal his plans.

FCC commissioner Robert McDowell said Wednesday that he is resigning his post.

McDowell, a Republican, has been at the FCC for nearly seven years. He was appointed to his first term in 2006 and was reappointed in 2009.

He did not give any indication as to what his plans are.

McDowell reportedly was seen as a potential chairman had Mitt Romney won the presidential election in November.

With McDowell's resignation, Ajit Pai is the only Republican left on the commission.

The Washington Post recently reported that FCC chairman Julius Genachowski is expected to leave his position before his term ends at the end of the summer and maybe as soon as next month. McDowell and Genachowski reportedly didn't see eye to eye on such topics as common ownership of newspapers and TV stations.