FCC eyeing plan to regulate broadband

Group says it will unveil details Thursday

After losing a legal challenge to Comcast last month, the FCC said Wednesday that it will revisit its plan to make sure all Americans have access to broadband Internet connections on a network-neutral basis.

The FCC had tried to force Comcast to treat all Internet access equally without regard to the amount of bandwidth certain Web sites consume, but a court sided with Comcast and said the FCC overstepped its authority.

But the FCC said it will unveil a plan Thursday that could eventually allow it to regulate broadband as it does other telecommunications services, even as it says it would use such authority sparingly.

"FCC chairman Julius Genachowski will announce a path forward for the commission to address serious legal issues raised by the Comcast v. FCC case," an FCC spokesman said Wednesday.

"The chairman will seek to restore the status quo as it existed prior to the court decision in order to fulfill the previously stated agenda of extending broadband to all Americans, protecting consumers, ensuring fair competition and preserving a free and open Internet," the spokesman said.