FCC Looking Into Complaints About Miley Cyrus Fourth of July Weekend Special

NBC/Olivia Malone
"Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour"

Although there were only three complaints from the more than two million viewers, the agency is determining if the show violated rules against indecency or profanity.

Although NBC’s Fourth of July weekend special Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour only drew three complaints from the more than two million viewers, the Federal Communications Commission is in the process of determining if the show  violated its rules against broadcast indecency or profanity.

The FCC confirmed it received the complaints about the show and is looking into whether to take further action, according to a report Wednesday by Rolling Stone. The story was first reported Tuesday by TMZ.

Those reports said there were four complaints, but a source on Wednesday told The Hollywood Reporter that the fourth complaint was about Miley Cyrus’ appearance on another NBC show, which showed fireworks that weekend.

The July 6 special that drew the handful of complaints featured Cyrus on stage and behind the scenes. Cyrus, 21, has shed her Disney Channel image in recent years, replacing it with a very grown-up act that includes strong themes, risque images, skimpy costumes and edgy language.

The special was shot while the tour was in Barcelona and Lisbon earlier this year. Onstage, Cyrus' suggestive outfit consisted of a skintight unitard with a hood. She also did a sexy dance with a man dressed like Abraham Lincoln, which was the subject of one of the complaints.

"She was dressed more in line with a video geared towards MTV," said the complaint. "Her performance was impropriate [sic] for broadcast TV, as she grinded along there was a costumed performer depicting President Lincoln following behind her and alongside her and the character acted quite lecherous even patting her on the backside. Very patriotic for the 4th ya think?"

A parent wrote to complain about the PG-13/TV-14 rating, which he said allowed the show to bypass his TV filter. He added: "I am offended, appalled and ready to start taking public action to remove this garbage from our televisions."

The third complaint said: "Very graphic and disturbing for a Sunday evening 9 pm summertime broadcast."

A spokesperson for NBC declined to comment. There was no response to a request for comment from a rep for Cyrus.