FCC Poised to Pass Rules Regulating Internet Traffic

Three commissioners are expected to approve net neutrality plan in vote scheduled for Tuesday.

The Federal Communications Commission is on the verge of passing a set of net neutrality rules that would establish guidelines for Internet access, the New York Times reported.

The rules will create two classes of Web access: one from "fixed-line" providers and the other wireless.

The plan outlined earlier this month by FCC chairman Julius Genachowski would prohibit Internet service providers from blocking websites and applications. It also would give wireless providers more flexibility in determining what services their customers can use.

Ahead of a vote on the issue scheduled for Tuesday, two commissioners said they would back the rules proposed by Genachowski, meaning he has the needed three votes to pass the plan.

However, the plan has drawn criticism: While telecom and cable companies support the proposal, some Democrats say it includes to many loopholes, and the two FCC commissioners who oppose it say it gives the government group too much regulatory reach.