FCC ruling keeps Azteca America on in L.A.


MEXICO CITY -- An FCC ruling means Spanish-language Azteca America, which recently had five of its key affiliate stations unplugged by its U.S. partner Pappas Telecasting, will continue to operate in Los Angeles, its most important market.

Network Azteca America on Monday said the FCC has denied a request by NBC Universal's Telemundo to block a license renewal of Azteca America's flagship station. Telemundo's petition accused its rival's parent company, TV Azteca, of engaging in unethical business practices in the U.S. and Mexico.

In December, Telemundo urged the FCC to withhold the license renewal of Azteca America's KAZA-TV station in Los Angeles, alleging that Azteca America has violated U.S. securities law

NBC Universal said in a statement that it strongly disagrees with the decision but in light of Pappas' recent announcement that it is in the process of severing its ties with TV Azteca, "NBC Universal sees no reason, at this time, to appeal the staff decision to the full commission."
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