FCC Stops Clock on Comcast Acquisition of Time Warner Cable

Brian Roberts Comcast CEO - H 2014
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The FCC is expecting more than 31,000 additional documents

The FCC has potentially delayed approval — or denial — of the Comcast acquisition of Time Warner Cable again, this time citing missing paperwork.

"It has recently come to our attention that Time Warner Cable has discovered a significant number of responsive documents that were not timely produced to the FCC," the commission wrote in a letter dated Monday.

The FCC letter says that it is expecting in excess of 31,000 additional documents to be produced.

The commission said it is stopping the informal 180-day transaction clock and it will restart it on Jan. 12, 2015. Comcast is attempting to purchase Time Warner Cable for about $45 billion.

"Sections of the review that staff had thought were complete now must be reopened to take account of the additional documents that have been disclosed," the FCC wrote. "This does not simply require examining the additional documents, but re-running many of the document searches and reconsidering the analyses that staff thought were complete."

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